Guest House

Phoenix Menno Guest House


 The Guest House is operated under the oversight of the Hospitality Services Center and serves as a Bed and Breakfast for anyone seeking a private home atmosphere at affordable prices.  The Guest House was organized to give financial support to the volunteer programs operated by Hospitality Services  Center. 

Casual Home setting


 The Center features 6 bedrooms to serve our guests.   Most of the bedrooms have a sink in the room and a bath for every two bedrooms.  The Trinity Mennonite Church campus, on the same street as our house, has a basketball court and picnic facilities.

Ideal Location


Our centralized location makes visits around the Valley convenient and most sightseeing trips around the State of Arizona can be made in one day.  We are located on the same street with Goldensun and Trinity Mennonite Church.  

Hospitality Services Center    4443 West Vista Avenue  Glendale, Arizona 85301 623-847-0314