The HSC Story


  • The Mennonite Missions Network (MMN) outreach program, SOOP,  provided  a format that would enlist persons desiring to find meaningful ways to  serve during their time in the Valley.  Families from the Trinity  congregation provided a room for volunteers.  The volunteers served in  various ways in the community, one Love in Action, a faith based organization that served many different needs in the Glendale area.A dream for the Phoenix SOOP program  was to have a home where all volunteers could live in community.  In  addition, tax deductible donations were needed to support the SOOP  program.  MMN is a conduit to over 70 SOOP units across the United  States. 
  • SOOP in Canada was a mission of Mennonite Central Committee  (MCC) of Canada and promoted SOOP in units in Canada and the U.S.   However, these organizations did not provide financial support to the  local programs.In 2007, both objectives became a reality.  A home was purchased on the same street of the Trinity Mennonite Church campus. At the same time, Goldensun,  a residential program that serves developmentally disabled adults with  four homes in the immediate community, was willing to take SOOP on as a  part of its organization in order for SOOP to receive tax deductible  donations.   SOOP volunteers found great reward in interacting with the  Goldensun residents.
  • Peter  and Rheta Mae Wiebe hosted the SOOP program during the early years with  Roland and Dottie Yoder taking on the leadership role during a time of  significant growth and development.  With the SOOP house now a central  part of the local program, the numbers grew each year.  With a need to  pay the costs of renting a home, utilities and repairs a plan was made  to utilize the house throughout the year and not just during the prime  winter months.Originally known as the SOOP house, the house located on Vista Avenue now became the Phoenix Menno Guest House. 
  • The  word was out that a Bed and Breakfast located in the Trinity Mennonite  Church/Goldensun community now provided lodging for family members,  church wide agency staff and anyone seeking a home environment at a  reasonable price.Jared  and Traci Stoltzfus were the first Guest House hosts beginning their  two year term in September 2009.  This responsibility also included  directing the SOOP program during the fall and winter months.  In 2011,  Jon and Martha Lapp assumed the role which they held for two years.  In  September 2013, Bill and Edna Ressler assumed the role as Host of the  Guest House and Directors of the SOOP program. Jim and Lila Gascho  served during the winter months of 2016.  Ben and Mary Jane Newcomer  began their term of service in October 2016.